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Park store

On a daily basis our park store can service your needs. The scent of feshly baked bread arrives at your nose already before you passed the door step. The diversity of the offered products will surprise you; whether you're searching for breakfast items, you'd like candy for the kids or your preparing your evening dish, we have it all!

Our assortment of fresh bread exists out of croissants, chocolate breads, kaiser and more.


Opening times of the park store are:

In low season daily from 8:30 am til 11 am and 3 pm until 6 pm (closed on sundays)

In high season daily from 8 am until 11 am and 3 pm until 7 pm (closed on sundays).

Bread – Every morning we offer a great range of fresh bread rolls, including croissants, kaiser rolls, buns and corn rolls. After every delivery, we have fresh Dutch bread as well, like white and brown bread, white rolls and currant buns.

Fresh– In our fridge, you'll find dairy products like yoghurt and custard, (butter) milk and cream. We also have various meats, cheeses and salads, in nice, handy packages.

Meals – In our park shops, you can put your own meal together. For example, use a meal mix for nasi goreng, rice with sate and prawn crackers, pasta sauce with spaghetti or just a few hamburgers with potato slices. This way, you won't have to go to the supermarket anymore.

Freezer– Our freezer range has been expanded again: you will find apple or cherry pie, but also vegetables and meat, like chicken legs, minced meat and chicken filet. Easy, right?

Drink– While you're at it, grab a 6-pack of local Diekirch beer, a bottle of Rivaner wine from the Luxembourg Moselle. Don't forget to get some snacks as well.

Hygiene and household materials Did you forget your shampoo at home? We also have that available in our park. Just like household materials like garbage bags, soap, dishwashing brushes and pegs to complete your camping experience.


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