Beter Uit Vakantieparken
Waar gaat jullie vakantie naartoe?
Waar gaat jullie vakantie naartoe?
Waar gaat jullie vakantie naartoe?
Waar gaat jullie vakantie naartoe?
Waar gaat jullie vakantie naartoe?

About us

What drives us as Beter Uit holiday parks? We want children, young people and the elderly, seniors and families to experience the best weeks of the year at our parks.

Holidays are something you can look forward to for a long time and when, as many families experience, when our families arriving on a Beter Uit park, it feels like coming home. they experience something special, the cordial relationship, the special encounters. But also the friendships that children and young people make from the moment they meet. And that friendship does not only remain during the holidays, but long afterwards.

Our parks focus on a family approach, which means that our recreational work is committed to offering a great program for everyone (although its mainly in Dutch) But also that the pastors and spiritual caregivers provide the identity for which we exist and stand!

Our mission:

De Beter Uit holiday parks want to create a place based on its Christian identity where meeting, connection and being together are central and where everyone can be themselves. The safe and open atmosphere provides relaxation and brings people from all types of churches and municipalities together.

Recreation youth

Many activities are organized for the youth. Sports and games are organized every day.

Recreation kids

We find it very important that the children have fun, so we pay a lot of attention to our activities that we organize with an enthusiastic team that is ready for them all day.

Together we believe

We find the Christian identity very important, which is why we pay a lot of attention to it through Sunday services, men's and women's mornings, and in children's and youth work.