La Draille’s christian identity

Everybody is welcome at La Draille. During the main season special attention is paid to an annual theme with a christian character. As it is, Beter-Uit is a christian travel organisation which wants to offer her guests the opportunity to give thought to this and consider the message of the Holy Bible.If you feel called upon taking part in this, you are most welcome, but there is no pressure whatsoever. Community singing around a campfire draws hundreds of visitors. During the sing-in the children roast their marshmellows over the camp fire.

During the main season the programme is characterized by sports and games. Many teams fanatically take part in the beach volleyball matches, enthousiastically encouraged by the other  holiday guests.

But also reflection and meeting are important at La Draille. Imagine a walk together, guided by Tiemen Westerduin and enjoying a good conversation on the way. Or having a glass of wine with a family you have not met before while the children are having fun in the swimming pool. This is Beter-Uit for peole of all ages!


Dutch Sunday services

Durind the main season the Sunday Services take place in the characteristic Souillac Cathedral. If there are not enough seats in the cathedral, we use the small church in Borrèze in the morning hours. Many guests at La Draille do not only consider these services the highlights of the week but also of their holidays. Young clergymen who especially appeal young people lead the services. As long as there are enough visitors during pre and after season periods, Beter-Uit provides a preacher who then also takes care of an excursion programme as well as a religious bedtime closedown or a contemplative meeting.



 The main season Sing-ins are renowned, just like the services and are mainly supported by enthousiastic youths. Both the contributions by guests and the casual character make these sing-ins into pleasant and inspiring meetings.


Talking together

In July and August there is the possibility to share thoughts about Biblical subjects and personal opinions in separated women and men groups. This sometimes results into serous conversations that can broaden your spectre. The 2017 theme is ‘I see you’.


When the day is over…

Finally there is the possibility at the parks to take part in a religious closedown around a campfire or in one of the recreation facilities. As a rule these closedowns are held once or twice a week.


Pre- and after season

Off season the preacher or pastor remains at the park for a longer period. He or she takes care of the recreation services and the closedowns as well as of a number of appealing excursions in the region.

Vrouwenochtend met Tiemen Westerduin
Kathedraal Souillac kerkdienst Beter Uit
dienst in kathedrale kerk Souillac vanaf Beter Uit vakantiepark